Civita di Bagnoregio

The ‘Dying City’ is one of Tuscany’s most popular tourist destinations and one of Italy’s most evocative sights. It’s perched on a tiny cliff with jaw-dropping valleys around it and connected to the mainland by one very long and very narrow bridge. There aren’t any defined monuments in Civita di Bagnoregio. The destination is soaked up on an enjoyable day trip wandering the streets gelato in hand and mouth indecorously open as you admire the view and homes in awe.


The town by the lake is the perfect retreat if you’re looking for a dip without going to the beach or simply hankering for a stroll or bike ride in a beautiful destination. It’s not Lake Como, but it’s pretty darn close since Bolsena is the largest volcanic origin lake in Europe. Bolsena is famous for its boardwalk. Even on the coldest, rainiest days, a stroll around the lake is picturesque if only to see the black sand and tiny fishing boats moored on the shore. If you can, time your visit for June-July when Bolsena is a rainbow of colour, courtesy of its hundreds of perfectly blooming hydrangeas.


One of central Italy’s major cultural sites, Orvieto is definitely one for the bucket list. It started life as a major Etruscan city and hasn’t really lost its importance since. Tourists flock here to gawk at its breathtaking cathedral, while those with more eclectic tastes like to discover the city’s hidden secrets on a guided underground tour.

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