The Maremma’s mountain has always had a touch of mysticism. Thousands of years ago, the civilizations that lived in the area worshiped the mountain as the home of their deities. Centuries later, Monte Amiata would welcome whispers of Templar knights and witches, as well as host the very real and self-proclaimed ‘second coming of Jesus Christ’ David Lazzaretti. The prophet amassed a huge following at the turn of the century before being gunned down by Carabinieri. You can visit a museum dedicated to him on the mountain’s main town, Arcidosso. Monte Amiata is also the Maremma’s only ski destination, where you can take to the slopes at a very reasonable price. Everything you need can be rented on the slopes. If skiing’s not your thing then Monte Amiata has plenty of fantastic nature parks and walking trails where you can see Apennine wolves, donkeys and thousand-year-old trees. On a side note, Monte Amiata is not a mountain at all, but actually a dormant volcano responsible for the miraculous warm water that flows at both the nearby Terme di Sorano hot springs and Terme di Saturnia hot springs.