Two heavy weights of history located in neighbouring Lazio, Vulci and Tarquinia are must visit destinations. Tarquinia is one of the few cities to condense three eras of history –Etruscan, Roman and Medieval – into one very beautiful Old Town. For that it draws thousands of tourists each year who come for the sights and stay for the namesake DOC frizzante-style wine. Even if you have absolutely no interest in history, the city is appealing in its own right with stone carved homes, soaring towers and one very impressive town hall located right in the heart of all the bustling activity.


Vulci is an ancient Etruscan city located near the modern town of Canino, which is in the northern part of Tuscia. Amazingly, Vulci has been abandoned since the Etruscans and Romans left it. Now a very protected piece of Italian history, the land is an open-air museum that stretches across acres and acres of lush green fields. When you visit Vulci, you are visiting an Etruscan city, complete with houses, monuments, statues, meeting halls, public bathes and necropolises. There are few places in the world where you can visit an almost entirely intact ancient city like Vulci.

Porto Ercole

Porto Ercole is more upmarket than Porto Santo Stefano. Its shops are chicer and its residents all the snobbier, but they have the right to be, especially if they own the amazing yachts that are docked at the port. Porto Ercole is surrounded by Spanish watchtowers and fortresses. Only one is open to the public – Forte Stella. During the summer months, you can climb it and experience incredible views of the surrounding coastline. Try to time you visit with sunset for an unforgettable memory.