The art capital of the Maremma is home to a notable art and short film festival each year. It’s not Cannes, but it’s still heaps of fun. Capalbio is the last Maremman town on the border with Lazio. From the boardwalk that runs all the way around the town, you have sweeping views of the inland hills and out to the coast. Capalbio has its own very impressive beach called Ultima Spiaggia and a WWF Oasis called Lago di Burano, but nicknamed Walt Disney’s lake for its idyllic setting and array of wildlife. Just outside Capalbio is the last thing you’d expect in the Maremma: a modern art garden inspired by the style of Barcelona artist Gaudi. The garden is called the Giardino dei Tarocchi and is the life’s work of French-American artist Niki Saint de Phalle. Over 20 years, Niki and her friends hand cut and placed thousands of glittering mosaics to form towering statues representing the 22 Tarot Cards. The garden is a day’s worth of fun for art lovers and families with plenty of hidden nooks to explore.